"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Frank


Frank has spent his life developing a way of life that is optimized, realistic, and enjoyable.  In his travels over 25 years as an Air Force pilot, he saw firsthand how other cultures "do it right". With this and his education in holistic nutrition, he has forged a style that works in this technology wonderland of the 21st century.  It wasn't without error though.  Read his story here.

If losing weight is part of your New Years resolution, Frankly Nutritious can help you do just that.  We have recipes, education classes, videos, and live webinars. 
Family & Group Nutrition Counseling


Personal training for your nutrition. One-on-one personalized programs for you, your family, work team, and employees. From the weekend warrior to the world class athlete, children to grand parents, we serve all your nutritional needs. 

Greater Milwaukee Area Wisconsin

and online.


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