The Keto Class

Join Frank for his 5 week online class and learn the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle.  If you are looking to clear brain fog, increase your energy levels, build a resilient body, and lose weight, this course is for you.  


Over the 5 weeks you will learn all the ins and outs of a ketogenic lifestyle.  There are many pitfalls that Frank will help you overcome and get you on the keto track fast.  

What Others Are Saying:

In early 2017, I participated in Frank Alvarez’s classes for a Keto adapted lifestyle. It was an exceptional training course focusing on the the body’s adaptation process from carb to fat burning along with all the science and diet strategies that support it. I trained and raced mountain bikes the entire year with the ketogenic diet. In each race I felt strong and powerful from beginning to end. I had my best racing season yet and continue to maintain the ketogenic diet year round. Thank you Frank!



I can't believe it's been a year since we did this class!!!  I learned so much from you during the keto class.  It was amazing to see my body respond and lose weight without even trying - just by changing my eating habits!  I also appreciated the advice on trying to do too much as far as my activity went, as my body was definitely inflamed and fighting itself.  I basically kind of took a year off of strenuous workouts and let myself heal.  I'm just now getting back into working out, but I don't push it. 

​The last few months I have not been eating properly and not only can I tell that I've put on a few pounds, I just don't feel as good as when I follow a ketogenic diet.  I'm putting my lessons from you back into use and getting my eating turned back around.  I fully expect to see ​the results soon.  


Thank you for sharing your amazing story and for practicing what you preach.  You are proof it works.  I am grateful that I took your class so that I can help pass your knowledge along!  


Week 1:  Getting Started

            History, Fat, Food Basics, What is Ketosis, Side Effects, and Food Basics for Ketosis.

Week 2:  Becoming a Fat Burner

            What are Ketones?  How to Measure Ketones, and What the Numbers Mean    


Week 3: Making Change Easy

            Fridge and Pantry Cleanse, Real Food, Where to Buy, Frank’s Pantry, Eating Out

Week 4: Moving Forward

            Fasting, Bullet Proofing Yourself, Keto Tips and Tricks, Staying on Track

Week 5:  Exercise

            Building Muscle Myths, Endurance Exercise, The Science for Health, Carb Tolerance 

Classes Start Feb 20 -Mar 20  7pm on Google Hangouts

All classes recorded so you don't miss a thing.