Frankly Keto Class 1 Notes

Below are resources for this class:



If you are not on a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, I highly recommend you are to avoid a lot of the affects the diet can cause as you adapt.


Supplements can be purchased through me on my site.   Follow this link, create an account with Douglas Labs that will link you to me and get you 15% off.  The link below should take you to Douglas Labs to create an account.  It will have my ID number in it so you get linked to me. 


Douglas Labs link:


Cronometer download link.  Nutrition tracking free online program.











The Weston A. Price Foundation:


            Here is Sally Fallon’s article on fat and the history of what happened.  Sally is the director of               the foundation.




To find properly raised meats search on


The Great Cholesterol Myth book:  Here

Znaturals nuts and seeds:

The cookbook I recommended is Maria Emmerich's here:


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Thanks for attending the class and if you have questions, concerns, or feedback for me, please feel free to email me at

Thank you again.

Live well!


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