Frankly Keto Class 2 Notes

Below are resources for this class:

Books mentioned:

The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance, Volek and Phinney

Fat For Fuel, Dr Mercola:


Low Carb USA Site Here

Dr. Tim Noakes, wrote the book The Lore of Running which he totally renounces today from a carbohydrate fueling stand point.  Don't buy it.  He has other books out there that he has corrected his findings in.  Here is a link to his foundation:

For athletic performance, Phil Maffetone and the Maffetone Method is a great resource:

Glucose and Ketone blood meter: Keto-Mojo

Sugar alcohols: 


Sugar alcohols are a weird deal.  They all can cause gastrointestinal problems and some mess with ketosis.  Erythritol is the one that is ok.   Here is a list of other sweeteners and their glycemic indexes.  GI is a rating system for how much of an insulin response it elicits in our body.  You see high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is 87.  Use that as a reference as horrible.  

Pure stevia     0

Stevia glycerite    0

Swerve   0

Erythritol   0

Monk Fruit   0

Yacon syrup   1

Xylitol   7

Agave   13

Maple syrup   54

Honey   62

Table sugar    68

Splenda    80

HFCS    87

Protein requirements:

Friend and mentor Dr. Cory Holly has a great article here:        


Use his charts to calculate protein needs.


I found calculators for lean muscle mass, but you have to estimate your fat mass.  I will suggest you get a lean muscle mass done with a DEXA scan or I have a scale that can get that for you as well.  DEXA is the gold standard though and will cost you a bit ($150) and the closest place I know of is in Chicago.  I do them for $65, but will do them for you guys for $50 since you are in the class.     

Thanks for attending the class and if you have questions, concerns, or feedback for me, please feel free to email me at

Thank you again.

Live well!