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The water you consume is very important to your health and you should take care in getting clean water for you and your family. You wouldn’t drink bug spray, but we put things that toxic in our bodies by consuming them. This is incredibly true with the water we drink. The water that is pumped into your home, whether you live in a city or in the country, is more than likely contaminated with many things. We all know that clean water is essential to life. We all recognize the cow skull at the pond that signifies DO NOT DRINK! I am not saying that your water is that bad, but it can have a lot of toxic contaminants in it that are destroying your health. Do you ever think about that? Here are some reasons as to why you should.

Chlorine is thought to be good, but do you realize what it does to your gut bacteria? It doesn’t take much to clean them out completely. Your gut bacteria are essential to your health and well being. The gut has more neurotransmitters than your brain, by a large margin. Here is proof; we all have been shut down 100% when we get nauseous or have eaten something bad. It overtakes you and you can’t do anything. We get the bad stuff out and the brain turns back on, or in actuality, it is allowed to be turned back on by the gut.

Fluorine is another element, in the form of fluoride, which is being added to water. I can write a full blog on fluoridation of water, but suffice to say that fluorine is the most reactive element we know of. Transport truck tanks that carry it are made of three to four inches of rubber to contain it. After a year of use of the tank, it has to be replaced because the fluorine has eaten through it. Why would you put it in your body?!

That was a bit on the city water; what about the good old country living? I live in that world and I test my water for contaminants. I hit upwards of 300 parts per billion! I don’t know what all 300 parts are, but I am confident that most are drugs and other things my neighbors are flushing down their toilets. To test for those things you have to test for each one individually! That is expensive and not practical at all. You may be asking now “what do I do?” I can answer that for you!

I have a distiller in my house and I add some mineral salts back in for my drinking water. Distilling starts me at zero contaminants in my water. Adding the minerals back in gives it the life it should have. I take it on the road with me every day and alleviate the necessity to purchase water that I know nothing about. I also carry it in glass bottles to avoid the plastics.

I wanted to share a bit of this with you because over 25 years ago I got sick in England and couldn’t shake it. I eventually went to the store and bought a few gallons of distilled water and within hours I snapped back. When I got home I purchased my distiller and I still have it running perfect today. On that note, I think I will go have a glass!

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Start to a healthier you with the thing we can't live three days without. Water is that important.

Live well!


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