Changing your Eating Habits Made Easy

Transparency: Changing your Eating Habits Made Easy

People ask me all the time how they can live the life style I lead, or they think I lead! My philosophy is to make it “Transparent”. Transparency means it has to be simple and in small steps you take to get to the place you desire, whatever that is.

It really is simple and does not require big changes in your life style. I do not go out and forage in my yard for my meals! I eat a lot of the same things you do, I just get my food from different sources.

When I go to a grocery store I stay in the outside isles. I don’t venture into the boxes and bags of processed foods. Start there and replace some of those foods with produce and the real version of the food you want to buy that are in that bag or box. The other step is to buy from your local farmer. Eat Wild ( is a great resource to find local farmers that raise great food and produce.

You will see from the site map showing you the farmers participating, that you have choices close to you, no matter where you live. These farms practice pesticide and antibiotic free husbandry, and grass feed their livestock. 100% grass fed animals is a key point here. Grass provides the fats our bodies evolved on and does not cause the western health problems associated with corn fed livestock.

Most meats you find in a grocery store are going to come from livestock feed corn at some point, if not strictly all their lives, and that corn produces the fats that are causing disease.

Poultry is a bit different, they are built to eat grains a bit more and it is fine for them to an extent. They need to be free range for the fact that they can eat bugs and worms from the grass, and to not be in confinement with others creating the environment for disease, thus the use of antibiotics. Natural sunlight is how the birds produce those “good” fats I am talking about.

The biggest cut you can make that will show immediate health benefits are with sugar. It is the root of a lot of evil when it comes to your health. I won’t go into all that now, as I feel you know that! Replace your typical table sugar with natural sweeteners.

Honey is the obvious choice. If you can get unpasteurized honey that will be a great choice. Sugar replacements are a good option also. I use stevia for the most part. It is a leaf that is 200-300 times sweeter then sugar.

Studies are favorable showing it can help diabetics stabilize glucose metabolism.(Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.) Bertoni  A Review found at: 1(3) 267-286.pdf)

Lacanta is another product, which I have never used, and it can be used in a 1:1 replacement with sugar in your recipes. The hidden sugars are the refined foods; enriched flours, pasta, grains, pastries, and breads.

If you see “enriched” anything on these products you are buying sugar. Look for whole grains in the labels and replace pasta with Quinoa. Quinoa is still starchy, but a good place to start. You can find it in grain form, spaghetti, elbow, and all sorts of pasta styles.

Getting your sugar consumption under control will eliminate cravings, allow your hormones to stabilize, resulting in weight loss, and enhance mood.

I hope this will help get you moving in a healthier direction. Try these options and buy organic as much as you can. You will eat less of these foods as they are much more nourishing, and you will not be purchasing the other void of nutrients and expensive, processed foods.

If you truly replace the foods in this manner with whole organic foods, you will not be spending much more, if any, then normal. Remember, you are “replacing” foods, not buying the refined AND the whole organic foods!

Now go out and make spaghetti tonight with organic sauce, add in fresh onions, mushrooms, etc.., and put it over Quinoa spaghetti. It will taste the same, but better, and be a lot better for you! Transparency!

Live well!

Frank Alvarez

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