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For Fun

Good Food vs Bad Food Relay!

The Futbolito Youth Soccer Club in action.  Bad food on the left carrying the burden of a medicine ball.  Good food flying along on the right with a salad spoon.  

The Principles of  Nutrition

This informative talk by Frank Alvarez demonstrates how simple it is to eat well. Learn how to uncompicate being healthy. 
Mentor's Corner

Dr. Cory Holly, ND

Friend and mentor.  Here is Cory's ABC's of health.  A great look at his insight to health. I am a Master Educator from
the Cory Holy Institute.
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Paul Chek

I found Paul's system early in life and used it with great success in my professional racing career. I am a CHEK Level 1 Holistic Life Coach. 
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Dr. Michael Colgan

His book Optimum Sports Nutrition was my first find. The power program is still the backbone of my resistance training.
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